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Braintree District
Approx Time Court 1 Winner/s

Mens Singles Final
Umpire: Melvin Hutton

John Walter (+2)
Richard Stybar (0)
(Bishops Stortford)
Games to start at (+2), (0)

John Walter

11-21, 21-17, 21-18

Ladies Doubles Final
Umpire: Caitlin Hinstridge

Sophie Bardrick/Vanessa Tarrant (-6)
(Earls Colne)
Gina Smith/Michelle Clarke (+2)
Games to start at (-6), (+2)

Sophie Bardrick/Vanessa Tarrant
(Earls Colne)

21-13, 21-19

Mens Doubles Final
Umpire: Melvin Hutton

Scott Brocklehurst/Mark Smith (-6)
(Bishops Stortford)
Brett Brocklehurst/Tim Woods (-6)
(Bishops Stortford)
Games to start at scratch

Scott Brocklehurst/Mark Smith
(Bishops Stortford)

21-17, 21-17

Youth & Experience Mixed Doubles Final
Umpire: Ian Marsden

Michelle Clarke/Steve Tilbury (-4)
Debbie Lashmar/John Walter (-4)
Games to start at scratch

Debbie Lashmar/John Walter

21-16, 15-21, 21-17


Presentation of Trophies

Mixed Doubles Final
Umpire: Nicola Hutchins

Caitlin Hinstridge/Richard Stybar (-2)
(Bishops Stortford)
Eleanor Farrant/Carl Skuce (0)
Games to start at (-2), (0)

Eleanor Farrant/Carl Skuce

21-13, 21-17
Finals Night 2017
The Braintree District Badminton League Finals took place on Friday 28th April 2017 at the Earls Colne Recreational Club.
Everyone who attended were treated to some excellent badminton throughout the evening. Trophies were presented by Kim and Richard Cureton.
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Presentation of Trophies
Previously Decided Finals - Individual
Previously Decided Finals - Team
League Winners
Thanks go to.....
Order of Play - Friday 28th April 2017 7:30pm
Presentation of Trophies

The Committee are delighted that the trophies tonight are presented by Kim and Richard Cureton who you will all know as stalwart members of Pioneers Badminton Club and supporters of both the league and tournaments for many years.
Kim and Richard are well known for their relaxed, chilled out approach to the game but woe betide anyone who doesn't notice the determination and committment in every shot. Kim is well known to fit in a sneaky fitness class before a match to make sure she is fired up and ready for the opposition!
Mens Singles

Winner of the Mens Singles Final for the first time was John Walter, (Sandon). John is pictured being presented with the Mens Singles trophy by Richard.
Ladies Doubles

Winners of the Ladies Doubles Final were Sophie Bardrick and Vanessa Tarrant (Earls Colne). Sophie and Vanessa are pictured being presented with the Ladies Doubles trophy by Richard and Kim.
Youth and Experience Mixed Doubles

Winners of the Youth and Experience Mixed Doubles Final for the first time are Debbie Lashmar and John Walter (Sandon). Debbie and John are pictured being presented with the Youth and Experience Mixed Doubles trophy by Kim and Richard.
Mens Doubles

Winners of the Mens Doubles Final for the 2nd year running were Scott Brocklehurst and Mark Smith (Bishops Stortford). Scott and Mark are pictured being presented with the Mens Doubles trophy by Kim and Richard.
Mixed Doubles

Winners of the Mixed Doubles Final were were Eleanor Farrant and Carl Skuce (Haverhill)
Eleanor and Carl are pictured being presented with the Mixed Doubles trophy by Richard and Kim.

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Previously Decided Finals - Individual
  Youth & Experience Ladies Doubles
Winner: Katie Payne/Diane Brown {-6} (Bishops Stortford)
Runner Up: Zoe Tarrant/Vanessa Tarrant {+8} (Earls Colne)
Youth & Experience Mens Doubles
Winners: Adam Roberts/Jim Roberts {-2} (Sandon)
Runners Up: Darren Clarke/Bradley Clarke {-6} (Sandon)
Veteran Ladies Doubles
Winners: Vanessa Tarrant/Sophie Bardrick {-6} (Earls Colne)
Runners Up: Gina Smith/Michelle Clarke {+2} (LBC)
Veteran Mens Doubles
Winners: Jim Roberts/Paul Leech {-4} (Sandon)
Runners Up: Brett Brocklehurst/Tim Woods {-6} (Bishops Stortford)
Veteran Mixed Doubles
Winners: Wendy Gooday/Wilfried Janssen {-6} (Sandon)
Runners Up: Sophie Bardrick/Ross Ranson {-8} (Earls Colne/LBC)
Senior Veterans Ladies Doubles
Winners: Diane Brown/Joyce Barton -4} (Bishops Stortford)
Runners Up: Jane Holland/Therese Hutton {+6} (LBC)
Senior Veterans Mens Doubles
Winners: Ross Ranson/Melvin Hutton {-2} (LBC)
Runners Up: Steve Bishop/Sean Bunch {0} (Earls Colne)
Senior Veterans Mixed Doubles
Winners: Janice Cunningham/Nigel Barber {0} (Sandon)
Runners Up: Louise Murphy/Paul Butcher {0} (LBC)
Mixed Doubles Plate
Winners: Gina Smith/Steve Tilbury {-2} (LBC)
Runners Up: Therese Hutton/Graham Humphries {+8} (LBC)
Mens Singles Plate
Winners: Paul Leech {-2} (Sandon)
RunnersUp: Robin Langton {-2} (Sandon)
Mens Doubles Plate
Winners: Clayton Hayman/Ross Ranson {-10} (Sandon/LBC)
Runners Up: Wilfried Janssen/Mohan Simkhada {-2} (Sandon)
Previously Decided Finals - Team
The Lance Woodley Trophy    (Mixed 6's Handicap Knockout)
Winners: Sandon 'A'
Runners Up: Pioneers
The Danny Jones Trophy     (Mixed 4's Handicap Knockout)
Winners: Earls Colne
Runners Up: Halstead
League Winners
Mens 4's Division 1
Winners: Sandon
Runners Up: Pioneers/Haverhill
Mixed 4's Division 1
Winners: Earls Colne
Runners Up: LBC
Mixed 6's Division 1
Winners: Sandon 'A'
Runners Up: Bishops Stortford
Thanks go to ..........
Kim and Richard Cureton
For presenting all the trophies to the individual tournament finalists, team tournament finalists and the league winners.

Peter Webb
Our thanks go to Peter Webb, Manager of Earls Colne Recreation Club, for the use of the club for the Finals nights. We take over the whole of the badminton hall for 3 nights during April to hold the tournament finals.

Therese and Melvin Hutton
Many thanks go to Therese and Melvin for their hard work in organising and running the tournaments and presenting the Finals nights.

Louise Murphy
Thanks to Louise for running around during the evening with the raffle tickets.

Luke Hutchins
Thanks to young Luke for calling out the raffle numbers at the end of the evening.

Nicola Hutchins
Thanks to Nicola for calculating the league tables and chasing up missing results.

Umpires and Lines Persons

Many thanks to all those who acted as either Umpires or Lines Persons on all the matches that took place tonight.

Paul Butcher
For writing this website and keeping it as updated as humanly possible!

And finally.......
Many thanks to all you badminton club members out there for your continued support of the Braintree District Badminton League. Without you, none of this would be possible. See you all again next year!
The Trophy Table 2017